What Is Whing
What Is Whing

Learn how to play Whing Golf. The video above covers all aspects of the game, from how to throw to approaching the green.

Whing Golf – Easy to Learn, Easy to Play

Unlike traditional golf, Whing is easy to learn. You can be out on the green playing Whing in no time.

Three Steps to Whing

  1. Whing from the tee
  2. Toss onto the green
  3. Putt into the hole

Whing Golf was designed to play just like regular golf. So you start on a tee. You throw the ball from the tee with your Whinger. Continue down the fairway using your Whinger to throw the ball until you get near the green.

Now you have two options: you can throw onto the green with the Whinger, or you can just pick up the ball and throw it with your hand.

Once you’re on the green, you putt the ball into the hole, just like regular golf.

And that’s not all. Whing Golf was designed intentionally to play at approximately the same speed as golf. A foursome of golfers and a foursome of whingers could flow along, only interacting on tees and greens much like golfers do.

Are you curious? Ready to give it a try?

Head on over to our shop to purchase your own Whinger.

Not sure if you can play Whing at your local course? Send us an email and we will see if we can help.

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