About Whing
About Whing

Whing Golf was designed to be a fun, low-key way to play on a golf course. With a whinger, a putter, and some golf balls you can start having fun right away.

The Whinger

Whinger DesignThe whinger, a highly engineered and ergonomically designed throwing stick, is the key to the Whing Golf game.

Months of intense engineering and hundreds of iterations went into designing the head of the Whinger. The result is a device optimized to deliver maximum distance and performance, again and again.

The Game

The game of Whing Golf is easy to learn and easy to play. You don’t have to spend years perfecting your game. Just grab your whinger and and go. It was designed to give players at any level a chance to enjoy some time on the golf course, and we intentionally crafted a game that golf course owners could add to their offerings without having to change a thing about their courses.

Meet the Creator

The creator of Whing Golf, John Fryer, is an engineer by trade, a golfer by passion, and an athlete. As an avid golfer, John saw a need for a game that gave more people a chance to enjoy the sport, while also giving golf course owners another way to bring new players onto the fairways. Thinking about how to shorten the learning curve, John hit on the idea of throwing the golf ball as you play the first part of a hole. Then, he put his engineering know-how to work to create a throwing stick that would increase the distance players could throw their ball.

Ready to give Whing Golf a try?

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