For Course Owners
For Course Owners

Why Bring Whing Golf to Your Course?

Whing Golf was developed specifically as a way to bring new business to your course. It plays alongside traditional golf, at a similar pace. It uses a regular golf ball, has similar rules, and players can combine both Whing Golf and golf in one foursome. It’s great for families, group outings, company events, and more. To quote Whing Evangelist Larry Auxter, “It’s a nice day on a beautiful lawn and everyone is welcome!”

Here are just some of the reasons to bring Whing to your course:

  • Integrates seamlessly with your course
  • No additional infrastructure needed
  • Requires little initial investment
  • Instantly playable by anyone – young and old
  • Costs less to play
  • Attracts new players to your course – many of whom may have never been on a golf course before
  • More players on the course = $$$

Getting Started with Whing Golf

We know your time is valuable – we have assembled several course-friendly packages to get started with minimal effort and cost, including some basic marketing tools.

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If you would like some additional information before you invest, we would love to hear from you. Send us your questions.

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