Welcome to the Amazing World of Whing Golf
Welcome to the Amazing World of

Welcome to the wonderful world of Whing Golf where you and your whole family can share fun and relaxation on any golf course.

What Is Whing?

Whing Golf is a brand new game. The rules are similar to regular golf, but instead of needing lots of clubs and other equipment to play, all you need is a Whinger, a putter, and a golf ball. Check out the video below to see the game in action.

How To Whing
How To Whing

How To Whing

From the tee, use your Whinger to “whing” the ball down the fairway. With a Whinger it’s surprisingly easy to throw straight and far (up to 180 yards). Once on the fairway, use the Whinger to approach the green. When you get close to the green simply toss the ball by hand. Now that you’re on the green, just putt the ball in to finish the hole, just like regular golf.

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